LMT Wide Type Carriages

LMT Wide Type Carriages


LMT Brand linear guidance system for four-row ball circulation up to 45 of series 15 like LCB-LCS-LCH-LCBL-LCHL (standard, narrow, high, long, narrow and long) consists of LC rail carriages series. With the X-sequence system can be installed equal balls from all directions and moments about all axes. In addition to easy disassembly and reassembly of the dissolution of the ball structure provides easy installation. Precise positioning system, strengthening and low-maintenance movement with comfortable extra scraper and lubrication kits, this standard thanks to the high rigidity ensures a long life with low rolling resistance with fast and efficient operation.

The most common areas of woodworking machinery, sheet metal processing machinery, welding, EDM machine tools, robots and cooperation in automation systems in the design of this demonstrable linear bearings.

LMT Linear Usage Limits of the carriages:


Than 8.5 kN ... 71,6kN Dynamic Loads

Than 13.8 kN … 108.9 kN Static Loads


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LMT Wide Type Specifications 


Technical LMT Wide Type Dimensions                               


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